Our Mission

SIDHI aims to provide a sustainable online platform for Filipino high school students to discover different fields of STEM through the help of its network of dedicated mentors. By linking Filipino scientists mentors and students and providing the environment for them to form meaningful and lasting connections, the SIDHI Mentorship program hopes to encourage students to be critical thinkers, engage in creative and innovative scientific projects and eventually purse a career in STEM.

The Vision of SIDHI

The SIDHI Mentorship 2020-2021 Program supported 20 students from different science high schools all over the Philippines. Our vision is to increase its active pool of mentors and students every year and to produce more successful research projects by the mentees that are not only innovative but also highly impactful. The SIDHI Mentorship program hopes to provide guidance and inspiration for the younger generation as they transition from the comforts of high school to the university setting.

SIDHI Core Values

  • Relationship-Building: To emphasize the role of good, healthy working relationships towards creating good science.

  • Integrity: To promote the ethical conduct of science and research in order to instill trust, credibility, professionalism and confidence in young Filipino scientists.

  • Supportiveness: To create a culture of helping one another by sharing opportunities, offering career guidance, and providing support in achieving goals

  • Inclusiveness: To provide equal access to opportunities for all young aspiring Filipino scientists, regardless of differences in gender, ethnicities, beliefs, and fields of interest.

  • Growth: To help young Filipino scientists build resilience by encouraging a growth mindset, providing constructive criticism, appreciating their efforts both in failure and success, and sustaining their passion to learn.

  • Service: To use our talents and to dedicate our time in helping our country progress by serving our fellow countrymen through our careers, and lifting young Filipino scientists to become the hope of our nation.

Get to Know the SIDHI Core Team

Founder / Executive Director

Jonathan Concepcion

Social Media Content Planner

Alicia Robang

Program Coordinator

Jaymee Palma

Program Coordinator

Jan Cedric Hernandez

Marketing Manager

Katriel Gantalao

Events Coordinator

Isabel Crisostomo

Network Coordinator

Arthur Grisha Rivera

Social Media Content Planner

Sean Tristan De Guzman

Partnerships Coordinator

Rico John Gorieza

Social Media Content Planner

SIDHI Honorary Board Members

Climate Reality Leader & Sustainability Science Advocate

International Cancer Research

Innovator, Community Leader, Digital Marketing, Space Tech

Meet our SIDHI Advisors

Loraine Kay Cabral

Molecular Medicine

Justin Ho Guo Shun

Irene Paradela Lopez

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are we?

The Science Integrated Direction for Highschool Investigators (SIDHI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to organize a network of scientists in the Philippines, to connect Filipino scientists and students, and to foster personal and professional mentorship-relationships between Pinoy scientists. It was conceived by science high school students who realized the importance of mentorship in their careers and found the need to foster such relationships for students interested in Science as early as high school.

What do we do?

SIDHI organizes a mentoring program to connect high school students to Pinoy Scientists, who can provide guidance with their research projects and advice in their envisioned career trajectories. SIDHI will also be organizing online events:

  • for research teachers to have Pinoy Scientist/s talk to their class,

  • for students to learn how to study abroad and how to get scholarships/internships, and

  • for the general public to listen to what Pinoy Scientists are doing all over the world.

What have we done?

We have previously launched small mentoring programs, where we have matched a few students to some scientists. After some iterations, we have found ways to improve the program, which we will be relaunching this season. We have also been conducting some surveys to get feedback and know more about the landscape of high school research in the Philippines to cater to the needs of Filipino students.

You can read about what we have done in the articles below:

SIDHI Volunteers through the years:

Jose Carlos Azcarraga, SIDHI founder

Juancho Raymundo, SIDHI founder

Sidnie Layesa, SIDHI intern (Summer 2021)