SIDHI Mentors

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Molecular Biology

biochemistry and genetics


plant Sciences and genetics

Pharmaceutical Sciences

vaccine and drug development

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

neuroscience, development, and aging

Agricultural Sciences

plant breeding and genetics

Applied Biochemistry, Economics and Policy Making

drug discovery for infectious disease and cancer, environmental protection and sustainability, and innovative materials

Ecology and Biodiversity

environment advocate and wildlife conservation

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

translational biomedical research and cancer biology

Molecular Medicine

cancer genetics and epigenetics, karyotyping, biobanking, translational medicine, and molecular medicine

Materials Engineering

metals and composites

Biological Sciences

neurophysiology, pathology of neurological disorders, and brain networks

Computer Science

artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and game development


general surgeon and medical advisor for the Breast International Group


climate reality leader & sustainability science advocate

Molecular biology and Biotechnology

non-coding RNAs, cancer, X-linked Dystonia Parkinsonism, and drug discovery.

Applied Physics and Computer Science

climate change and sustainability

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