Become a Mentee

To become a mentee, attend a mentee info session. We host mentee info sessions around July to August every year, fill the following form to attend.

Mentee Guidelines

What will be my Responsibilities?

  • Set project goals and expectations with their mentors for accountability

    • e.g. to compete in a national/ international event (e.g. Google Science Fair)

    • e.g. to develop working prototype

  • Set project timeline for the school year with mentor

  • Expected to prepare questions and other things they’d like to consult with mentors every week

    • Timing is flexible based on set schedule

What will be the Benefits?

  • Build relationships with people from the scientific community

  • Get guidance on their projects

  • Receive advice on career paths in Science and long-term goals

  • Develop better communication skills

  • Get connected to a network of international mentors and experts

What are the Qualifications?

  • High school students (Grade 7-12) in the Philippines (a Philippine high school)

  • Able to access at least one communication device with internet capabilities

  • Passionate about STEM and innovation

  • Able to communicate clearly in spoken and written English

  • Already have a research plan or at least idea of a project they’d like to develop (preferred for 1st iteration but not required in the long-run)